Should Chicago Bears fans be worried that Brian Urlacher has missed his 6th day of practice?

By alibud69

It is day 6 of Brian Urlacher no shows at training camp, Chicago Bears fans are beginning to lose their minds with fear, that the future hall of famer, and leader of the defence wont make it back for the start of the season.

Let us not forget this situation arose at the hands of two individuals, HC Lovie Smith for playing Urlacher in a pointless game against the Minnesota Vikings in the last game of the 2011 regular season, and Major Wright SS for his ridiculous play on the ball that threatened to knock years off of what remains of Urlacher’s brilliant (ring less) career.

Anyway I have saved the hate piece for another time, and another place, as in truth, Urlacher could take off the whole damn offseason and it wouldn’t make a heck of a lot of difference to his play. Urlacher has been there, done that, got the t-shirt so many times, camp probably doesn’t even act like a refresher course anymore. Even if he was available, I would have hoped he was rested a lot anyway, he isn’t getting any younger after all, and every season he can continue his wonderful career, the better, in my opinion.

Reading between the quotes its tough to see exactly what is going on take for instance the change in answer from Coach Smith from Sunday through to Tuesday:

“It’s always a concern when you have an injury at the end of the year and you miss some time in the offseason,” Smith said Sunday. “But he should be OK. It’s not like he really hurt it any more. I assumed he would have some soreness and he would miss a few of these training camp practices.”

As for Tuesday Smith tried to squash the rumor mongering as quick as possible:

“I know a lot of you are asking about Brian Urlacher; he’s been excused again for personal reasons,” Smith said. “Brian will be our Mike linebacker again this season.”

Look in truth I imagine it is a little of both, Urlacher has a sore knee, and he has personal issues to deal with, he isn’t the first Bears player to have personal leave this off-season and I very much doubt he will be the last.

The sum of my view point is this, if Urlacher doesn’t play against the Denver Broncos tomorrow, or in fact any of the other pre-season games, it really doesn’t matter, however I very much doubt he misses game 1 of the regular season against the Indianapolis Colts.

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