Tennessee Titans: Coach Munchak’s Monday Practice Report with the Atlanta Falcons

By Stephanie Umek

Monday the Tennessee Titans met half way with the Atlanta Falcons for a combined preseason training camp.

The Falcons will open their preseason schedule today against the Baltimore Ravens. Head coach Mike Smith said he was able to give Matt Ryan and all of his starters extended playing time Monday because they more than likely will not see much time against the Ravens.

According to Titans head coach Mike Munchak, the practice was more about getting better and competing, working on minor adjustments that they teams have tried in mini camps but actually testing them out on another team before preseason.

Coach Mike Smith added, “It’s a great opportunity for us to work our first teams. That was our philosophy. We wanted to get some good work with our first units because historically they don’t play a whole lot in the first preseason game. We have our first game coming up on Thursday and a lot of the younger guys are going to get a lot of snaps.”

According to reports both Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker performed well, especially with completed passes to Nate Washington. However Hasselbeck did throw two interceptions into the hands of Falcons’ cornerback Asante Samuel.

In response to the interceptions, Hasselbeck stated, “You can tell Atlanta is a good team. You can tell their mindset is to have a good season and make it to the Super Bowl. They get it.”

Wide receiver Kenny Britt has not yet returned to training camp from New York and talking with the NFL about his recent issues off the field.

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