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Washington Redskins’ RG3 Debuts With Solid Performance

Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin did what was expected of an NFL Rookie. The team did what was expected for an RG3 offense.

RG3 stepped out on the field and you could tell the guy was keeping it simple, and staying focused. There was no forcing of the ball into bad situations, and he let his people do their job.

End results: He was four for six, 70 yards with a touchdown.

One thing that was mentioned earlier this week was about RG3 holding of the ball a little long. I didn’t see that. I did see plays executed well and Evan Royster showing why he should be the starting running back. The offensive line kept RG3 safe, which was a concern for me (as well as many of you).

Roy Helu Jr. did ok in his wave, but he’s a heavy runner and didn’t have the speed to add to his power. I see him going second string with Royster going first. Tim who?

However, tonight was about RG3. People wanted to see what he would do with those 14 snaps. We found out.  It also looks like there’s a good connection between him and Pierre Garcon.  Then again, I expected that–Garcon came to the team to help and support RG3.

And RG3 is looking forward to it.

“You know, me and Pierre are definitely gonna grow together. He’s still a young player, trying to help the Redskins win just like I am, ” Griffin said. “He’ll definitely be a big part of our success. So me and him will continue to hook up.”

We’re all looking forward to that.

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