Washington Redskins’ RG3 Debuts With Solid Performance

Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin did what was expected of an NFL Rookie. The team did what was expected for an RG3 offense.

RG3 stepped out on the field and you could tell the guy was keeping it simple, and staying focused. There was no forcing of the ball into bad situations, and he let his people do their job.

End results: He was four for six, 70 yards with a touchdown.

One thing that was mentioned earlier this week was about RG3 holding of the ball a little long. I didn’t see that. I did see plays executed well and Evan Royster showing why he should be the starting running back. The offensive line kept RG3 safe, which was a concern for me (as well as many of you).

Roy Helu Jr. did ok in his wave, but he’s a heavy runner and didn’t have the speed to add to his power. I see him going second string with Royster going first. Tim who?

However, tonight was about RG3. People wanted to see what he would do with those 14 snaps. We found out.  It also looks like there’s a good connection between him and Pierre Garcon.  Then again, I expected that–Garcon came to the team to help and support RG3.

And RG3 is looking forward to it.

“You know, me and Pierre are definitely gonna grow together. He’s still a young player, trying to help the Redskins win just like I am, ” Griffin said. “He’ll definitely be a big part of our success. So me and him will continue to hook up.”

We’re all looking forward to that.

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  • John

    I think that RG3 should be the Day-1 Starter & the Redskins should never look back. Frankly, his arm strength, his footwork is better, & he has a very good sense of how to let his receivers run to the ball. He leads receivers well & was one of the best in the NCAA at getting RAC yards. He recognized coverages well, reacted well to disguised coverages, & helped his team as a guy who had no problem pulling the ball down & taking off–with the recognition & responsiveness, as well as the speed, of a top-tier tailback! Oh, did I also mention that for a guy with his speed & arm strength he also has tremendous touch & feel? Not only can he throw downfield with great accuracy, but he can also take something off the ball so that he can hit receivers in stride & let them do the work they’re supposed to be doing.

    I know the Colts think Andrew Luck is the greatest thing to happen to football since Peyton Manning (though I actually think his brother is terribly underrated–Eli is just as good as Peyton at recognizing defenses & he’s managed to grab TWO Superbowl Rings in a much shorter time, BOTH of them coming against the team that was Peyton’s nemesis, the Patriots!), but Luck us a pocket passer with “happy feet” & an uncanny disability to get out if trouble with his feet. Another thing most people missed regarding Luck was the lack of RAC yards for his talented receivers. Luck has less arm strength, which I think we all knew, but Andrew also doesn’t have the touch that RG3 has, which you’d think would be a strength for a guy with less of it. Usually, QBs with less arm strength have great feel & fantastic touch as well as a great ability to lead receivers. Luck currently lacks that skill. There is no doubt that with time, Luck will get the conditioning to up his strength, he’ll hopefully develop the necessary touch to increase his receiver’s RAC yards, but he doesn’t have those things now.

    Both Luck & RG3 will doubtlessly do well in Pre-Season games, but when it comes down to the real deal, the regular season with all starters & primed defenses licking their chops for a chance to get to these guys, RG3 will have the tools to deal with what comes at him while Luck is going to be relying on the protection of his O-line so that he has a solid pocket to work from, something RG3 already has with his ability to move & throw from outside the pocket with excellent accuracy, not to mention that RG3 will have plenty of direct-snap running plays put into the offense for the sole purpose if exploiting his talents & strengths. It’s going to be interesting to say the least, but I’m going to put my money behind RG3 to be ready to go on day one & will have a better first season than Luck, providing that RG3 gets the opportunities to prove himself. Right now, the Colts are planning on doing exactly what they did with Manning: putting him behind Center for 16 games, win, lose, or draw. RG3 may be #1 on the depth chart now, but it’s likely he’ll be #2 come Opening Day.

    Give RG3 the reps in real games & give him the chance to get that #1 spot permanently. If the ‘Skins do the right thing, they’ll have the quarterback of the future, a guy with an incredibly unique skill set who can throw accurately, pass from the pocket, be accurate on the run outside the pocket, & run with the strength & speed of a full-time tailback. There’s going to be no comparison into the future, but the future will also make comparisons between the two more an apples & oranges thing than it is now with both of them being rookies with nothing but room for development. Can RG3 become more a pocket-passer? Can Luck develop the proper arm strength & the ability to move outside the pocket more than he does now? Will Luck also be able to overcome his nervousness in the pocket when things start to break down? Right now, Luck came out of college without those abilities, & there’s a big question mark in my mind as to whether or not he’ll be able to gain the necessary skills to overcome his weaknesses. This is an opinion based on watching the film on these two guys & seeing how Luck’s weaknesses were amplified in situations where he was pushed outside of his comfort zone. Don’t think professional defenses won’t take advantage of that. The great linebackers are going to put that pressure on him often & early with stunts & delayed blitzes. Can Luck learn to read those early & maneuver himself out of those situations the way Manning could? We know that RG3 will rarely be shaken & has the skill set to counter defensive tricks if he recognizes them early enough. Luck is more likely to be taken by the speed of the pro game, while RG3 will be able to adjust to that speed more rapidly & more readily than his counterpart. I thing the Redskins got the better deal & time should prove me right.