Washington Redskins vs. Buffalo Bills: Storylines For Tonight's Game

By Ricky Allen

The Washington Redskins will face the Buffalo Bills tonight at 7p.m. Here are the storylines you need to follow:


  • Robert Griffin III: RG3’s first snap as a professional football player will be analyzed to a level of “Really?”. Redskins fans will be looking for something different–and won’t care this is a preseason game.  RG3 will have to establish himself as the brand tonight, not next week.  Everyone will be taking notes and will start asking the question “Was this really worth what we invested?”  An average performance? No, he’s not allowed that.  Learning curve? Yes. NFL fans gave Cam Newton a pass so why not?  Kirk Cousins at third string behind Rex Grossman is an experience card.  No one wants to see Rex on the field unless RG3 needs a water break. Don’t worry,  Kirk Cousins will get playing time.
  • Offensive line struggles: This week Offensive Line coach Chris Foerster said that he will try to rotate out players on the line. If he knows what’s good for him he should: No one wants to see RG3 knocked around. The pressure is on the offensive line to provide pass protection at a higher level than before. These guys will be the highlight of the game, good or bad.
  • Wide Receivers: Santana Moss will have to show the haters tonight why he still “has it”. Honestly, this job is his to lose if he doesn’t impress. Pierre Garcon will need to establish his role. Fred Davis needs to show why the franchise tag was put on him. We all know he’s got hands: 79 for 496 yards.
  • Running Backs: Evan Royster needs to take charge tonight.  There’s no way I can agree with Tim Hightower heading into New Orleans as the starter. He and Roy Helu are a great duo, and I expect we will see them rotated out quite a bit.  Hightower will have to push his way into the conversation, otherwise, he’ll be working all preseason.

The Rant: They beat us 23-0 last season. I could care less about the fact it’s a preseason game.

Overall theme tonight: Do the Redskins have a solid team? This isn’t about players looking for jobs, this is about player performance from everyone.

I’ll be tweeting the game tonight so join me on twitter @UltimateRedskin and join the conversation.


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