Christian Ponder & Kyle Rudolph on Same Page in Minnesota Vikings Preseason Opener

By Andrew Fisher

The Minnesota Vikings opened their preseason Friday night in California, losing 17-6 to the San Francisco 49ers.

With so many off-season storylines and questions, it’s nice to finally have a game in the books, and to actually see some of the players that have been speculated about for months now.

One of the main players on the radar for Vikings’ fans, is second year tight end Kyle Rudolph.

Well fellow second year player and quarterback Christian Ponder wasted no time finding his 6’6 tight end in the first quarter Friday night. During their limited playing time, they hooked up twice for 22 yards. Certainly not that big of deal in the scheme of things, but 2 for 2 none the less.

It looked as if Ponder and Rudolph were on the same page, as both connections seemed very fluid and natural. The throws didn’t seem forced and both were easy catches for Rudolph.

I expect to see a lot more out of these two as the preseason progresses…

Overall Christian Ponder played well, seeming to have control of the Vikings’ offense, leading the team to 2 field goals by rookie Blair Walsh.

As far as the rest of the receivers, Ponder didn’t really establish a rhythm with anyone else, but did hit big on a 52 yard pass to Steve Burton.

I liked the way Ponder was going through his reads, and thought he made good decisions, including a couple times where he decided to tuck it and run, to avoid being sacked in the opener.

Overall Grade for the First Team Offense: B-

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