Is the Rivalry Between the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers Back?

By jason evans

The New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers are two of the most historic franchises in the history of the NFL. Each team hasn’t been a good team at the same time since the days of Vince Lombardi and Y.A. Tittle. Now with the teams having won three super bowls in the past five years, the rivalry seems to be back on especially with some of the back and forth this week between the Packers and Giants.

You have two of the best quarterbacks in the game between Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers. You have two teams with great receivers in Hakeem Nicks, Greg Jennings and Victor Cruz. You have teams with resilient pass rushers in Clay Matthews and Jason Pierre-Paul.

These two teams haven’t been good since the 1960’s. The Giants were good in the 80’s and early 90’s winning two super bowls. The Packers got to the super bowl in mid 90’s when Brett Favre won a super bowl for Green Bay. Now the two teams are among the elite just like they were in the 60’s.

It seems like neither team really likes each other considering some of the quotes that been said back and forth. These two teams have played some of the most exciting games over the past few seasons, especially last year when the Giants almost came back and beat the Packers in the regular season, then did in Lambeau in the playoffs. Some credit that regular season game for kick starting the Giants run.

The teams will face each other in prime time week 12 at Metlife Stadium. If the teams are where many expect them to be, this could be another important game that the teams have played in recent years. In every sport, its always more interesting to have the traditional teams in the mix. For the NFL that means the Giants and the Packers are a part of that.

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