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NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Are Interested In Plaxico Burress, Unless They’re Not

There has been a lot of speculation recently about the Dallas Cowboys interest in free agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress and it now appears there is some. On second thought, there is no interest from the Cowboys in Burress.

Life as a Cowboys fan is never easy but it certainly is entertaining. The circus known as the Dallas Cowboys was out in full force yesterday. Within what seemed like minutes of each other there were conflicting reports about the Cowboys and Burress. One report  had the Cowboys entertaining the idea of bringing in Plaxico Burress, and the next had the team having no interest in the veteran wide receiver.

And its not like the reports were coming from worlds apart either; like a reporter just throwing something out into the wind and the head coach refuting it. No, this was the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his son Stephen. Apparently the GM and the VP of the Cowboys either never talk to each other or can’t get their story straight. Which way is a Cowboys fan to turn?

Who do we believe when we hear Stephen Jones say, “I wouldn’t totally rule out Plaxico at some point if he’s still there when we work through our evaluation process with the guys here,” one minute and the next we hear Jerry Jones say this, “We haven’t discussed that internally at all. It has not been discussed at any level in our organization. We have not thought about him.”

This is what drives Cowboys fans nuts! I believe Jason Garreett has a plan and a purpose for everything he does, finally someone has a direction for the Cowboys and all off-season things are progressing nicely. Then comes training camp and Jerry opens his mouth and tears down what currency Garrett has built up. For gosh sakes the owner and his son can’t even agree on if they want a free agent player? How does that make the organization look?

Spare me the excuse that maybe Plaxico Burress’ agent floated the rumors, both Jerry and Stephen Jones had quotes attaching themselves to Burress. Whether they should or shouldn’t sign Plaxico has become irrelevent to me, the Cowboys need to get on the same page for the direction of the organization off the field before they can become successful on it.

So the bigger question is, when is that going to happen?