NFL Rumors: Dwayne Bowe a Go For St. Joe? It Appears so.

By Beta311

Reports have surfaced that Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe is very close to being back in the fold with the organization.  This is very good news, seeing as how most people thought he wouldn’t be back until after the third preseason game, or later.  Heck, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said that Bowe wouldn’t likely be back until September 1st.  Schefter has a habit of being wrong about things like this when it comes to the Chiefs, I find.  He missed pretty badly on when defensive tackle Dontari Poe would sign his contract, saying just before training camp opened that the two sides were ‘not close’ to a deal, only for Poe to sign his contract the day before training camp.  I don’t know what his definition of ‘not close’ is, but it sounds pretty different from mine.  Luckily, it looks as if he was pretty far off the mark, here, as well, if Bowe is indeed back in the mix.

This is welcome news for Chiefs fans, as media outlets all over the Kansas City area have long speculated over what could be causing the delayed holdout, thinking his agent, Todd France, was feeding Bowe bad advice.  People, understandably frustrated by the holdout, have called into local radio stations calling Bowe “selfish” and “lazy.”  At no point did I make that contention, but I have to admit some allegations like those did cross my mind.  Some have even gone as far as to say the win total for the Chiefs would go down by a couple of wins without the number one receiver.

Throughout camp, the organization has been trying to convey that they were carrying on with business as usual, as if nothing had happened.  Obviously, that’s nonsense.  They did the same thing when quarterback Matt Cassel had an appendectomy a couple of years ago.  They actually had some of us in Kansas City convinced that former quarterback Brodie Croyle could go out and win us the game against the San Diego Chargers with the division title on the line.  Anyway, when the media go up to question the players and coaches about Bowe, the same responses are always heard.  It’s the same generic, clichéd nonsense every time that has practically nothing to do with Bowe’s absence. The players love these lines: “we’re just trying to get better each and every day”, “I’m just trying to help my team do what it takes to win football games”, and my personal favorite, “I’m not competing against these guys, we’re all just working together, trying to get better all the time.”  Yeah, sure you are.  Hey guys, yeah, do me a favor: tell your organization you guys are about as much fun as bag of rocks and about as insightful as asking a dog what time it is.

Even though the Chiefs organization is like Fort Knox, one truth remains: the Chiefs need Bowe back in camp.  If he really is about to come back, there’s still plenty of time left for Bowe to train and practice up before the season opener.  Let’s just hope Bowe hasn’t declined any during the offseason.  I’m David Abeyta and that’s my opinion.

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