NFL Rumors: Maurice Jones-Drew’s Holdout No Closer To Resolution

The Jacksonville Jaguars are starting their 2012 season Friday night without their best offensive weapon on the field.

Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has been noticeably absent from the team’s training camp as he continues to holdout with the hopes of getting a new contract. Unfortunately for Jones-Drew, the Jaguars have no desire to cave to their star player.

Reports are that Jones-Drew plans on taking his holdout all the way through August and it could potentially spill in to September. However, both the Jaguars and Jones-Drew have been in constant contact throughout this holdout and have been keeping a friendly dialogue.

Jones-Drew still has two years remaining on the five-year, $31 million that he signed back in 2009, but his contract was front loaded so he is only due to make $4.5 million this year despite leading the NFL in rushing yards last season.

The Jaguars hold most of the leverage in this situation, and at this point Jones-Drew is starting to resemble a stubborn kid who is trying to stomp his feet until he gets his way. The Jaguars have no incentive to break protocol and tear up a contract with two years left on it, especially that of a 27-year old running back whose physical running style suggests he does not have many elite years left.

While I am not concerned that Jones-Drew’s holdout will spill into the regular season, I am worried about how ready Jones-Drew will be to play when he actually does report. The Jaguars are installing a new offense with new coaches this offseason and he will not be able to play until he has a grasp of that offense. Maybe even a bigger concern could be the nagging soft tissue injuries that tend to crop up on players who have long contract holdouts.

The bottom line is that the sooner Jones-Drew reports, the better it will be for both sides.

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  • MWhitley5562

    I love MJD, but at this point we are trying to rebuild with new coaches, and many new players. So the Jaguars should just let MJD sit it out. Stop all Negotiations, and if he wants to hold out all year, oh well it will only hurt him. Then next year the Jaguars can offer a new Contract to him and make it for less.

    As others are saying, the game has been slowly changing back to a passing game. (MJD may have been the best RB in NFL last Season but the Jaguars ended 5-11. Just goes to show. If it was me, I would just let him sit it out, if he doesn’t want to play, or I would give him a new contract where every dollar over his contract amount is performance rated and sit him on the Bench.

    Its time that Teams stop giving in to the greediness of Players who think that their worth more than what they really are.