NFL Rumors: Terrell Owens Could Start for Seattle Seahawks

By Beta311

When someone says the name Terrell Owens, nowadays, what is your first thought?  Before he signed with the Seattle Seahawks, it was ‘used’ or ‘done’.  Now, at 38 years old (or young, as he’d probably say), he’s looking to make an impact on a team that struggled last season.  For Owens, the upside is obvious.  Play on a team, get paid if you perform, and look at possibly one to two more seasons in the league (though, I don’t know many teams looking to keep around 40 year-old receivers).

But what about for the organization?  What can Owens give the Seahawks?  Well, you want to believe Owens still has something in the tank.  He impressed people at his workouts and Seattle obviously believes he has something to contribute.  There will be those who aren’t so high on this signing, but to those people, I ask this: what if Owens means the difference between winning and losing a game?  If he wins you even one game, isn’t the signing worth it?  He certainly has the ability to make the big catches. So even though he has a long work history that’s been less-than-impressive in spots, I’d caution anyone counting him as a nonfactor at this point.  Remember, this is likely his last shot to play before he retires, so I would like to think Owens could be the most dangerous he’s ever been.

Also, look at it from the perspective of quarterback Matt Flynn.  When the first week rolls around, first-time Seattle quarterback Flynn is most likely looking at the starting role for the Seahawks.  Obviously, you want to put your new quarterback in the best possible position to win games.  How do you do that?  Assemble a good team around him and let him learn from some of the league’s seasoned vets.

The only real downside to this experiment (since we’re not likely looking at a championship run for this team, this season) is that Owens is 38 years old.  He won’t be a long-term solution to what ails the Seahawks and this time next year or two years from now, they’ll be back in the same boat, looking for a new receiver.  The good part to that, though, is that this isn’t an expensive signing.  If he doesn’t work out, Seattle can just let him go.  I like this move.  It tells me Seattle wants to remain relevant, and if a couple things roll right, they just might be.  I’m David Abeyta and that’s my opinion.

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