Preseason game review: Did Chicago Bears Dane Sanzenbacher help his roster spot prospects against the Denver Broncos?

By alibud69

Part two of my preseason review of the Chicago Bears against the Denver Broncos, sees Dane Sanzenbacher step up to the batter’s box. (To see part one click here)

In truth as already stated it was a tough watch last night, but it is preseason so I refuse to really put much scope into the score line, at this point it is all about getting as much game on film for the coaches to review, hence the reason four of the Bears best didn’t even take the field. However for players such as  Sanzenbacher, were the cut is a very real possibility, especially since the signing of Rashied Davis, every rep and snap you get should be played like it is your last.

In honesty I felt Sanzenbacher had a relatively good game, there was not a single running play he was on the field for where he didn’t engage his man for a block, and release said block till well after the whistle, in terms of effort I would grade him as a relative unsung hero from last night, he gave 100%, you can really see this guy values the opportunity he has forged for himself with the Bears, and is not going down without a real fight.

He caught two passes, the first of which, was at 13:46 of the second quarter, where he made a really nice move, selling the cornerback on a slant route before cutting back for a catch, if he hadn’t slipped he could have got some good yardage after the catch, he did well to regain his balance and at least attempt making the 1st down marker.

There was more than one occasion he ran a solid route and was open for a pass had the o-line not collapsed, or had Josh McCown QB chosen to throw it to him, as opposed to elsewhere on the field. However there were times he was outmuscled at the line of scrimmage and was effectively nullified by different Broncos CB, but he would at least attempt to get free. The thing I took away from this game is that Sanzenbacher has improved as a player, he puts in the effort on the practise field and it shows in game. He was also solid enough on special teams without ever shining though, and boy does this unit miss Corey Graham on last nights showing

It is easy to say it off the cuff, but I truly believe he has a spot on the roster, I also fully expect to hear from coaches that he puts the work in, doesn’t take reps off, and I also believe we will hear a fair few more ringing endorsements from Jay Cutler QB, before the preseason cuts are all said and done.

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