Washington Redskins vs. Buffalo Bills: 10 Observations

By Ricky Allen

Here are a few observations from the Washington Redskins‘  7-6 victory over the Buffalo Bills Thursday night.

1. If Robert Griffin III had been given more than 14 snaps, we would have probably seen the score somewhere in the mid-20’s by halftime. The time he played was more to shake off the nervousness (and so that we, the fans could see him in action–the only reason we watched the game in the first place). I think head coach Mike Shanahan did the Bills a favor keeping to the plan.

2. Rex Grossman is still Rex Grossman. I wasn’t expecting too much from him because let’s face it, he’s there to help RG3.  Wobbly balls thrown, slow in the pocket, and leaving the team in bad field position: Rex Grossman.

3. Kirk Cousins is a daredevil.  The one thing I like about Kirk is that he’s not afraid to air the ball out. But then again, this was him at Michigan State, so I wouldn’t expect less from him.  As soon as he gets into his rhythm, everyone should stand by.

4. Evan Royster should be the starting running back (7 carries, 21 yards), even though Alfred Morris looked just as good (15 carries, 54 yards).

5. Even thought it’s sewn on the back of his jersey, be prepared for commentators to call him “Robert Griffin Jr.” by mistake.  I was stunned when I heard that Thursday night.

6.  The Buffalo Bills organization must have been just as excited to see RG3 than the Redskins fans were. They were playing “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins before kickoff.

7. The offensive line looked great, and the defense looks like it’s gonna be in the top ten of the NFL.

8. Brandon Banks did not impress at wide receiver. Yeah, yeah, yeah blame it on Grossman if you want, but Banks was not breaking to the ball, and he slipped twice.  I wasn’t impressed at all.

9. Going by the good start RG3 had Thursday night, expect more playing time against the Chicago Bears. It’s going to be interesting to see how he handles the glare of Brian Urlacher, the devourer of souls.

10.  RG3 and Pierre Garcon: The future dynamic duo. Call it a hunch, but even though it was only one touchdown, I think both of them are looking forward to working with each other this season. I will even go as far to say Garcon may become his favorite target.


Ricky Allen is a Washington Redskins Blogger with Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @UltimateRedskin.

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