NFL Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Get The Preseason Off To A Fast Start

The Kansas City Chiefs got the NFL preseason off to a good start, exploding for two touchdowns on their first two drives against the Arizona Cardinals on Friday night and rolled to a 27-17 victory. The way the preseason started augurs well for where the Chiefs are at as we build to the September 9 regular season opener.

Kansas City came into this game as the team that was more likely to struggle. Unlike Arizona, they didn’t have a game under their belt. Unlike Arizona, they were dependent on the offensive line and that line had two new starters, in tackle Eric Winston and center Rodney Hudson. From the standpoint of public perception, it was a nothing-to-lose. If the Chiefs played poorly, the two points I’ve just cited were legitimate reasons. By playing well in spite of the obstacles Kansas City sends an early message that they can be a player in the AFC West.

I believe the Chiefs are a player anyway, and I certainly wouldn’t expect skeptics to change their mind based on the first two drives of August against a team that went 8-8 last year. But I think even skeptics have to acknowledge that the Kansas City offense clearly showed solid progress last night. They moved the ball on the ground and they moved it through the air. They took twelve plays to score on one drive, and struck quickly in four snaps on the second. They did everything well, and though it may not count in the standings it’s reassurance to the believers that high hopes for 2012 can at least be justified.

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