NFL Rumors: Bills' Quarterback Vince Young Owes $1.68 Million Dollars

By Adam McGill

During the 2011 lockout many players supposedly fell upon “hard times”. Well the latest NFL Rumors are that one of those players, newly acquired Buffalo Bills’ quarterback Vince Young, apparently took out quite a hefty loan with an agency called ‘Pro Player Funding’.  The 2006 NFL first round pic took out a loan that was for a staggering $1.876,876.88 million dollars, but the kicker was that it carried with it in ungodly interest rate if he failed to make payments; something that loan sharks tend to do with loans of over $1.5 million dollars. Young did make some payments, but he stilled owed a whopping $1.68 million bucks before he missed his payment.

It has since come out that Young failed to pay back cede loan and has been ordered to pay it back in its entirety.  Young is still sticking with his story that he was forced to take out the loan by his former financial advisor, Ronnie T. Peoples, but regardless, he must pay back the money.  The timing of these allegations could not be more disastrous for the quarterback fighting for his NFL life; especially since Young just signed a one-year contract with the Bills for $2 million dollars a couple months ago.

These reports only put the cherry on top of a miserable off-season for Young; which also includes him being involved in separate litigation over an endorsement deal.  Young has also had severe problems learning head coach Chan Gailey’s offense, which was clearly evident by him being sacked 3 times in the team’s preseason debut.  Young needs to start getting some positive headlines during training camp if he wants to make Buffalo’s 53-man roster; because as of right now, he is playing himself right out of the league.

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