NFL Rumors: Jared Allen and Matt Kalil Not Big Fans of Each Other

Many NFL Rumors are flying around this time of year, as we are just weeks before the start of the regular season. Over the past several days, reports have been coming out of Minnesota Vikings‘ camp, that star defensive end Jared Allen and rookie offensive tackle Matt Kalil, aren’t exactly getting along.

Most of the speculation comes from this Jared Allen quote:

“Just don’t touch me, I’m too old to deal with overzealous rookies right now. Keep your hands out of my face, don’t grab my jersey, and we won’t have to fist fight.”

Of course this all stems from the fact that these two go head to head in practice every day, and probably get after each other on a consistent basis…

Personally I think it’s great if these two aren’t getting along. I hope both guys dislike each other, and as a result go all out each day on the practice field. Kalil being matched up with arguably the best defensive end in the game, is certainly a good thing for his development, which in turn helps the team.

It could almost be a case where once Kalil gets to the regular season, he might find himself more than prepared to deal with players less talented than Allen, which of course would be the majority of the rest of the d-ends in the league.

As for Jared Allen, he shouldn’t like any rookies, especially a No. 4 overall draft pick that he goes head to head with every day. I expect him to work even harder to beat Kalil in practice, which again just benefits the team long-term. Good competition in practice will just equal more success on Sundays.

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