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NFL Rumors: Reports Of Kansas City WR Dwayne Bowe Coming Back Appear To Be False Alarm

The rumors have been flying around the Kansas City Chiefs about the impending return of wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, who has yet to sign a contract after being franchised by the organization earlier this year. While Bowe did fly into town yesterday, there is no deal in place as of noon CST on Saturday and at this point his presence in town is the only evidence we have of such in return.

Kansas City played well in its preseason opener against the Arizona Cardinals and the first-string offense was particularly strong. While no one would suggest that the return of Bowe would do anything but improve the team, the Chiefs’ play last night underscores that Bowe needs the Chiefs at least as much as they need him. Let’s remember—while Bowe is a respected wide receiver, it’s not as though he’s achieved Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson status among NFL wideouts. If Bowe wants a big payday in the offseason, he’s clearly best served by getting on the field.

Furthermore, there’s no reason for anyone to be anxious to have Bowe back right now anyway. Training camp, at least for veterans, is more an opportunity to get hurt than anything. Bowe is familiar with quarterback Matt Cassell and as long as he’s staying in shape, the receiver can get into the flow fairly quickly if he comes in for the last couple preseason games.

Far too much attention and priority is being given to Bowe. This is a team that has to continue to build on its offensive success from Friday night, select a backup quarterback, get its first-round draft pick playing up to his potential and solve overall depth problems. I understand the natural tendency to focus on the Bowe story, but at least for a couple weeks, it’s not where the mindset of the Kansas City fan base needs to be. Especially not when all that’s driving the rumors are a plane arrival in town.

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