Seattle Seahawks go with Matt Flynn to Start the Preseason

By Jake Coburn

As the Seattle Seahawks prepare for their preseason opener against the Tennessee Titans on Saturday, their biggest question still remains who will take over the starting quarterback role?

Last season, Tarvaris Jackson led the Seahawks to a disappointing 7-9 season, while throwing for 14 touchdowns with 13 interceptions and five fumbles. With the organization drafting a quarterback in the third round in Russell Wilson and acquiring free agent Matt Flynn, it is obvious they do not expect to continue with Jackson as the starter.

Wilson finished his college career at Wisconsin completing 72.8 percent of his passes and throwing for 33 touchdowns. Picked 75 overall, Wilson is a more complete passer than Jackson but still has a lot to learn before he can take over the role of a starting quarterback.

Flynn is expected to get the start against the Titans, after spending time sitting behind All-Pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers with the Green Bay Packers. Flynn shined last season when he led Green Bay to a victory over the Detroit Lions throwing for 480 yards and six touchdowns.

Wilson will also get his fair share of snaps coming out of training camp, while Jackson has been given the night off and will not play in the first game against Tennessee.

Flynn is by far the smarter pick for the starting position going into the regular season. He has more experience than his rookie counterpart and the Seahawks would not give him a three-year $26 million contract if they did not plan on him leading this franchise.

Another advantage Flynn has over Wilson is the experience of sitting behind one of the most productive quarterbacks in the NFL. After spending a few years watching Rodgers, it would seem Flynn will be able to take everything he has learned and give his team the opportunity to make a run at the NFC West.

In the end, the job will go to Flynn who will bring a more complete player to the position and will give the Seahawks the best chance at a winning record.

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