Washington Redskins vs. Chicago Bears: Urlacher Will Sit Out

By Ricky Allen

The Washington Redskins will face the Chicago Bears this week in preseason game No.2 with one less worry: Brian Urlacher.

Urlacher was injured in the Bears’ regular-season finale against Minnesota.

According the Associated Press, Urlacher doesn’t plan to play any preseason games. The AP quoted him saying, “Preseason games and all these practices, I’d love to be out there, but I’m not going to put myself in jeopardy and miss the first game,” Urlacher said. “I practiced the first four or five days and it felt pretty good and it got sore and a little swollen. So I’m taking some time off right now.”

Urlacher had 102 tackles last season, three behind the team’s leader Lance Briggs (105 tackles).  There are two ways you can look at this:

Good: Not having Urlacher at the middle linebacker position this week makes things easier for the offense to maybe work out the tight ends.

Bad: Washington Redskins QBs will not get to experience the 1,000-yard death glare of Urlacher.  Robert Griffin III should experience a man like this. This guy is what defines intensity.  RG3 would get a good feel for how his running shoes fit if he had him out there.  Preseason is all about lessons learned right?

I’ll go ahead and say it: He’s the secondary.  I would consider this game a good game to get some real experience with a team known for defensive power. Last season Chicago had one of the top defenses in the  league. No one should expect a 7-6 score this week.

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