NFL Rumors: Chad Johnson Had Domestic Violence Incident in College?

By Dan Parzych

One of the hottest topics of discussion in the NFL on Monday has been Chad Johnson and his release from the Miami Dolphins after the veteran wideout was arrested over the weekend for domestic violence for apparently head butting his wife, Evelyn Lozada. While this may come as bit of a surprise considering Johnson has never been in trouble with the law during his NFL career, this incident seems like a blast from the past for the troubled wideout.

Apparently, Johnson was arrested in college for a similar incident with his former girlfriend, Chevon Jex, and charged with domestic dispute after neighbors were forced to call police because of some sort of altercation. Not only was Johnson placed on probation, but he was forced to take anger-management classes for the incident as well–which he may have to take part in once again after this latest situation.

After hearing about this arrest from the past, Saturday’s incident all-of-a sudden doesn’t seem as much of a surprise for Johnson. He may have avoided trouble with the law during his time in the NFL, but there’s clearly a different side of Johnson that football fans were unaware of that changes their perspective of him.

He’s always been the center of attention, but his latest arrest sheds a whole new light on how football fans view Johnson as a person. It’s disappointing to think this may be the last of No. 85 in the NFL because of an incident like this that could have easily been avoided and it would be a shock if any team expressed interest in a player like Johnson–mainly because the production on the field isn’t worth the high risk of what he may do off the field.

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