The Dallas Cowboys Shouldn’t Look Into Chad Johnson

There’s no way Jason Garrett would waste his time on Chad Johnson-Ochocinco or whatever you wish to call him.

Johnson is the last person you want in or around training camp for the Dallas Cowboys, especially now that he’s facing criminal charges for allegedly head-butting his wife.  That’s reason enough to just say “no.”

I know Cowboys fans are worried about the team not having a third receiver, but the team didn’t have one last season either. They did just fine with the guys they had.

Garrett knows what he’s doing and if you look closely he’s building the team to be a winner.  If there’s anyone who knows that “process” it’s Coach Garrett.

Bringing in someone like Johnson would disrupt that process and it would send the wrong message to the team.  It’s a message Jerry Jones has been trying to get rid off, hence the reason Terrell Owens, Adam Jones and Tank Johnson don’t play here anymore.

The former six-time Pro Bowl receiver is a far cry from the player he once was.  In fact, I think Johnson’s shelf-life expired about two years ago and it was never more evident than last season with the New England Patriots.

Johnson put together an astonishing 15 receptions for 276 yards and one touchdown.  Let me put that into perspective for you; Kevin Ogletree had 15 receptions for 164 yards as the No.4 receiver.

Johnson is a washed up has-been and he’s not exactly a spring chicken anymore.  At 34 years of age, he brings nothing to the table that the Cowboys don’t already have on the roster.  He’s not a threat.  He’s not a play-maker.  He’s not a part of the long-term solution.  He certainly is not a part of the “process.”

Signing Johnson may have been the splashy move  Jones would’ve made in the past, but this is Garrett’s team now.  What Garrett is looking for is his next breakout receiver, not a washed-up former NFL receiver.

Also consider this: reality TV personalities haven’t fared well in Dallas.  Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have all seen their careers crash and burn to a certain degree in Dallas.  This can only mean one thing Cowboys fans…

The writing is on the wall; just say “no” to Ocho-stinko.

But if you’re pro-Chad Johnson check out Ben Grimaldi’s article on why it would be a good idea for the Cowboys to sign Chad Johnson













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