NFL Dallas Cowboys

What To Watch For In Dallas Cowboys First Preseason Game

If you’ve been itching to get the 2012 Dallas Cowboys season underway, the wait is almost over, kind of. Its not the regular season but we will get to see them play an actual game tonight!

Obviously with the Cowboys there are a ton of websites and blogs dedicated to team and if you’ve been reading them today I’ve got a couple of things to say. First off, its OK to look over their material but make sure to check out everything here on Rant Sports because you can never have enough information.

Secondly, you’re probably reading about what players and positions to watch for against the Oakland Raiders tonight. And the list is probably the same for everyone. My suggestion, don’t bother reading those because the truth is as fans, we know who we are going to be watching. We know which positions will have the best battle for a roster spot, that is nothing new to us die hard fans.

Are we all not going to see how the Tony Romo plays, better yet, how the ball actually gets to his hands from any number of center options the Cowboys use tonight? We will all be studying who plays the best at wide receiver and along the offensive line.

All eyes will be on the newest Cowboys like Brandon Carr and Tyrone Crawford, not to mention the battle at the inside linebacker spot with Bruce Carter and Dan Conner. None of this is news.

Tonight we’ll watch for every and anything the Dallas Cowboys do because we are fans. We will watch with great excitement and optimism about everything we’ve been reading or hearing for the past two weeks about our team. And pray they come out of the game as healthy as can be.

So sit back, relax and as Jason Garrett says, enjoy the process. Then come right back here to see what we have to say about the game, that is a must!