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Brian Urlacher: ‘September 9th, I’ll Be Ready to Play’

The topic of Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears has had fans in panic. Urlacher has missed several days of practice and was excused for personal reasons including not being in attendance for the preseason opener against the Denver Broncos. Urlacher reported back to camp last Sunday.

“September 9 I’ll be ready to play,” he said. “I’m pretty sure. That’s really all that matters to me.”

This came from an exclusive interview with Fox News Chicago’s Lou Canellis (@loucanellis) on Monday. Urlacher continued to say that he will most likely have to play through pain this season. He also said that he still hasn’t ruled out playing during the preseason, but his main focus is week one against the Indianapolis Colts at Solider Field. Urlacher went onto say that his personal reasons had nothing to do with knee surgery or issues with his family. It will remain a mystery as to why Urlacher was excused from practice.

Last season, Urlacher injured his knee in the final regular season game against the Minnesota Vikings when teammate Major Wright crashed into Urlacher forcing his left knee to bend at an akward angle. At the time, the injury looked severe but reports were that he sprained his medial collateral ligament and partially sprained the posterior cruciate ligament not requiring surgery at the time of the injury. He spent the off-season rehabbing the knee and didn’t participate in team workouts leading into training camp. On Tuesday, Urlacher had surgery performed by team doctors Gordon Nuber and Mark Bowen. This was an arthroscopic debridement procedure designed to relieve swelling in his knee.

As a Bears fan and huge Urlacher fan, obviously I am concerned about Urlacher’s season. He brings so many things to the table and is the catalyst for Lovie Smith’s Tampa 2 defense. Urlacher is so valuable in coverage but also closes in against the run. In my lifetime, I find it difficult to find a better Bears’ defender (and I was around in 1985). I am also a realist that recognizes that Urlacher won’t play forever. I just hope it doesn’t come to an end this quickly.

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