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NFL Rumors: Jeff Demps Files Paperwork with NFL, Redskins Interested?

The Olympic silver medalist who contributed to Team U.S.A.’s 4 x 100 relay and former running back of the Florida Gators – Jeff Demps has filed his papers with the NFL in hopes to return to football. Demps forged the 2012 NFL Draft in April to focus on his dream of being in the Olympics and successfully made USA’s team. Although he didn’t win a gold medal, he did take home silver – which is still pretty impressive.

Now that Jeff Demps has filed papers with the NFL, it will be interesting to see who gives him an opportunity. He’s between 5ft 7 – 5ft 8 and is 190 pounds, which is not big but it wouldn’t make him the smallest football player either. His former Florida teammate Chris Rainey is 5ft 8, 180 pounds and is already drawing raves from the Pittsburgh Steelers fan-base. Demps is faster and more explosive than Rainey, and some scouts feel that he’s more of a natural football player.

Of course, during February’s Senior Bowl, Washington Redskins‘ head coach, Mike Shanahan had an opportunity to coach Chris Rainey and had a plan set forth on how to use him. Shanahan envisioned Rainey as more of a receiver and a 3rd down change of pace back. Rainey didn’t fit the bill character wise and came across a bit arrogant, but Demps is totally different – “He is the best kid I ever coached – not just talent-wise, but character-wise,” said Walter Banks, Demps’ mentor at South Lake High in Florida. “He’s the one that if there are a thousand people out there waiting for his autograph, he wants to stay until he’s signed for everybody. He doesn’t want to let anyone down.”

Brandon Banks and Aldrick Robinson are fighting for a spot on the Washington Redskins’ 53 man roster, and will need to do so by staying healthy, playing receiver and contributing on special teams. Could the the Redskins be interested in bringing in Jeff Demps to increase the competition? While both Banks and Robinson have good speed, they’re not faster than Demps who reportedly runs a sub 4.2. Demps is not just a track star – his speed translates to the football field. Just take a look at this video of him out running an entire Kentucky defense that had angles on him.

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