NFL Rumors: John Skelton the Favorite to Win Starting Job For Arizona Cardinals Over Kevin Kolb

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The Arizona Cardinals have one of the most interesting quarterback battles during the preseason considering Kevin Kolb and John Skelton seemed to be even at the beginning of training camp when it came to winning the starting job. With the first week of the preseason wrapped up, Kolb appeared to be the favorite to land the starting job at first, but his role with the team may be in jeopardy after the team’s first two games of the preseason.

As the team prepares for their third game of the preseason game against the Oakland Raiders, it appears Skelton is considered the favorite over Kolb. The former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback signed a hefty five-year, $63 million deal–with $21 million guaranteed–prior to the 2011 season, but he only threw nine touchdowns in the nine games he appeared in during the regular season.

When Larry Fitzgerald is your top wide receiver–that’s completely unacceptable.

When taking these numbers into consideration on top of the fact that Skelton led the Cardinals to a 6-2 record as a starter in 2011, it should be no surprise that Kolb is listed as the No. 2 quarterback at this point in the preseason. Arizona seemed to jump the gun by giving Kolb such a hefty contract considering he had only started two games over the first three years of his career and this move would prove even more how much of a mistake this deal would be.

There’s still three games remaining, but things aren’t looking for Kolb at this point in preseason–especially after completing just 1 of 5 passes for 21 yards against the Kansas City Chiefs last weekend.

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