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Question and Answer Session with Tennessee Titans Quarterbacks after Preseason Week One

The NFL teams have a lot to reflect on from the first week of preseason and some of the Tennessee Titans quarterbacks and head coach Mike Munchak were able to sit down and answer questions with the press after week one against the Seattle Seahawks.

Many of the questions that were asked to Munchak revolved around the competition between quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker. The world learned yesterday that Munchak officially made Locker the starter for week two’s preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Here is what Munchak said about the way Matt Hasselbeck performed on Saturday against the Seahawks:

“It’s hard to critique. I think you watch the tape. You just look at two interceptions but that’s a tough one there. That (second one) was a throw away, really, on the third down, which was as good as a punt because they intercepted it inside the five-yard line on a third and very long. He just threw it up to see if he could make a play.”

And when asked almost immediately afterwards about Jake Locker, Munchak responded with:

“He had a nice drive before the half ended. He gave us a chance there to get points and make some plays. We’ll watch the tape and see more of exactly what he saw and what he may have missed. But overall he handled himself well in the pocket. Again, it’s only 20 plays.”

The great thing about this competition, and it has been said all along, is that it doesn’t affect the relationship between the two at all. Hasselbeck was on hand for interviews and explained that they both have learned from each other over the time they have been playing together.

“I learn from him just like I am sure he learns from me. Really our whole group, he and I are the ones that everyone talks about but our whole group, Rusty and Nick, our youngest guy, it’s been great… I think he is a really good player and I respect his game. I think he will have a long career. I think that everything put together, it’s really a good match.”

Jake Locker has the same outlook, he understands that he is the rookie in the situation but knows what he is capable of. He likes to watch Hasselbeck and learn things that he normally wouldn’t pick up on.

“I think honestly it’s being able to watch Matt and see how he operates. He is so good at it, and then just having the repetitions as well. Staying in the pocket, being comfortable throwing from the pocket. I feel like each practice, each game, it just becomes easier and easier for me.”