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Tim Tebow: The NFL’s Biggest Lightning Rod Turns 25 Today

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is celebrating a special day, with the media lightning rod turning 25 today. Athletes have birthdays every day, but according to ESPN this is the equivalent of Jesus Christ’s birthday (pun intended). I haven’t watched ESPN today, but judging from Twitterverse, it has been absolutely ridiculous. And this video is just one example how ridiculous it has apparently been:

I almost forgot how big Tebowmania was last year. But ESPN is making sure I remember everything about him. Seriously, if Tim Tebow plays about 15 snaps in three weeks and Mark Sanchez isn’t a Thurman Merman, ESPN’s programming will go into DEFCON-2. First Take would cease to exist, Sportscenter might actually have to cover some baseball games, and NFL Live will have to talk about other teams as well! Serenity now!

I just don’t get it, folks. Why is this man so dang popular? It’s safe to say the Christian fanbase is a lot bigger than we actually realize. I’m not trying to get into a political debate here, but it’s safe to say the media slants a tad to the left, so we don’t hear a lot about religious views, unless those views are demeaning it. But there is a reason Josh Hamilton had like 12 million votes for the All-Star game this year, as there is a reason why Tim Tebow is the world’s most famous backup quarterback.

Whatever. I really don’t care either way considering I don’t have a dog in this race. Just tone it down a notch, ESPN. Pretty please?

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