Dallas Cowboys Continue Embarrassing Decisions by Signing Jason Garrett's Nephew

Harry Flaherty
Image source: Thelinknews.net

There have been a lot of disappointing seasons and embarrassing moves during Jerry Jones‘ tenure as owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, but this one might take the cake. On Tuesday, the Cowboys cut Bill Nagy, arguably the best offensive lineman on the team, and replaced him with tight end Harry Flaherty, who happens to be the nephew of Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett and tight ends coach John Garrett. If you’re still holding on to any dignity as a Cowboys fan, let it go because this is a joke.

Like his uncle, Flaherty attended Princeton university, but went undrafted in 2011 and spent training camp with the New Orleans Saints last year. So he wasn’t good enough to make an NFL roster fresh out of college, but he’s apparently good enough to take the roster spot of Dallas’ stellar offensive lineman.

The Cowboys are using Jason Witten‘s injury as an excuse to add Flaherty, a tight end who will “add depth” at the position, even though Dallas already has two rookies fighting for a roster spot in James Hanna and Andrew Szczerba. The Cowboys’ top two spots are already in stone with Witten and John Phillips and Lord knows Dallas won’t keep four tight ends on the active roster, much less five.

If you’re thinking, ‘Well, this proves Garrett isn’t just a puppet under Jones,’ you’re wrong. It proves Jones knows nothing about football talent since he got rid of arguably his best offensive lineman in order to do a favor for his head coach’s nephew. It also proves this organization is a joke and needs to be completely cleaned out, starting at the top. But that can’t happen because Jones owns the franchise; it’s his little toy to enjoy until he suffers the same fate the late Al Davis did.

Just to recap, the Cowboys cut arguably the best offensive lineman on the team to give the head coach’s nephew a roster spot that will only exist for a little over a week. The term “shaking my head” (smh) doesn’t even begin to describe this.

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