Dallas Cowboys Continue Embarrassing Decisions by Signing Jason Garrett’s Nephew

Harry Flaherty

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There have been a lot of disappointing seasons and embarrassing moves during Jerry Jones‘ tenure as owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, but this one might take the cake. On Tuesday, the Cowboys cut Bill Nagy, arguably the best offensive lineman on the team, and replaced him with tight end Harry Flaherty, who happens to be the nephew of Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett and tight ends coach John Garrett. If you’re still holding on to any dignity as a Cowboys fan, let it go because this is a joke.

Like his uncle, Flaherty attended Princeton university, but went undrafted in 2011 and spent training camp with the New Orleans Saints last year. So he wasn’t good enough to make an NFL roster fresh out of college, but he’s apparently good enough to take the roster spot of Dallas’ stellar offensive lineman.

The Cowboys are using Jason Witten‘s injury as an excuse to add Flaherty, a tight end who will “add depth” at the position, even though Dallas already has two rookies fighting for a roster spot in James Hanna and Andrew Szczerba. The Cowboys’ top two spots are already in stone with Witten and John Phillips and Lord knows Dallas won’t keep four tight ends on the active roster, much less five.

If you’re thinking, ‘Well, this proves Garrett isn’t just a puppet under Jones,’ you’re wrong. It proves Jones knows nothing about football talent since he got rid of arguably his best offensive lineman in order to do a favor for his head coach’s nephew. It also proves this organization is a joke and needs to be completely cleaned out, starting at the top. But that can’t happen because Jones owns the franchise; it’s his little toy to enjoy until he suffers the same fate the late Al Davis did.

Just to recap, the Cowboys cut arguably the best offensive lineman on the team to give the head coach’s nephew a roster spot that will only exist for a little over a week. The term “shaking my head” (smh) doesn’t even begin to describe this.

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  • Ben Grimaldi

    Nagy is likely to have season ending surgery… Can be put on injured list after 24hrs

  • Jerry

    Are you serious???
    Bill Nagy is injured, had already been waived and resigned to the IR. Nagy is our best O lineman… LOL… I’m sure tryon smith and Doug free would find that interesting, as would Phil costa, to whom Nagy was a backup. Flaherty is merely a camp body since witten and Phillips are both injured.
    What a waste of 30 seconds that I’ll never get back!

  • John

    Bill Nagy arguably the best offensive lineman? Think again. Most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all day

  • http://facebook Mike S

    Are you serious? Tyron Smith is undeniably the best offensive lineman on the team. Bill Nagy hasn’t proven anything other than he’s injury prone.

  • ken

    And this article is an example of why I always, always regret coming to Rant Sports. Calling Nagy “arguably” the best offensive lineman on the team is like saying that Harry Reid is “arguably” the best Senator in Washington. Yeah, someone might make that argument: Harry Reid! Or in this case, Bill Nagy. Tyron Smith is clearly the best OL Dallas has, and Doug Free is clearly next in line. Bill Nagy is so good that he was running fourth on the Guards depth chart, behind Bernadeau, Livings, and Leary. David Arkin, who’s being tried at center, is a better guard than Nagy. Let’s see, three interior spots, and Nagy was seventh among the players vying for those spots. Not exactly a Pro Bowler in waiting. Rant Sports sucks. Rant Sports writers suck.

  • http://s6pt.com/robby Robby

    This is why I stopped being a fan the last few seasons. This team will never be right again since Jimmy, with Jerry as the owner or any of his family. Now I just keep up with them for the players on the team I like; Sean Lee, Jason Witten, Demarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff. Those 4 guys are the real leaders of the team. And I don’t knock Romo down either. On another team with an Oline, and solid D to stop other teams from getting pass happy, he would probably have a ring by now.

  • http://RantsSport Brad

    Let me get this straight you say they cut their best Offensive Lineman in Nagy? Really, that Tyron Smith is really suspect in his line play! You look like you just started shaving and never played HS/College Football let alone NFL. I unlike you have faith in Garrett as a Coach along with Bill Callahan who Is one of the best offensive lineman coaches in the NFL. I heard that today from two NFL players one being Jerry Rice and the other being D. Woody. They said he is the GURU of O. Lineman Coaches in the NFL. I imagine he had some input on this decision. Just a guess. Also if he was as great as you say he is why did they sign any OL free-agents. I trust Callahan a little more than you. Sorry! Also I am surprised you didn’t claim nepotism with Garret by bringing his Nephew. Please, Harry Flaherty is a multi position player. He was even brought to New England Patriots earlier and worked with Tampa Bay over the summer. Don’t forget about the Saints! He is a great blocker and a quality young man. Please stick to HS Football where you probably were the water boy at best! You really come across as a Cowboy hater! I will stick with Jason Garrett and B. Callahan to make the right decisions and not you!

  • Spoony

    Look. I’m as hard on Jerry as anybody. I absolutely hate him as a GM. But saying the the Cowboys organization is clueless for cutting Nagy who cant stay healthy and wasnt going to hit the field this year is lunacy. Add to that you saying that he’s our best offensive lineman is really a stretch.

    As far as the nepotism who really cares? The guy is probably just a camp body. Probably there to insure that the other TEs dont get over worked. Let him work out a little and get paid. Its actually helping the Cowboys…