Dallas Cowboys Make Senseless Move in Waiving OL Bill Nagy

The Dallas Cowboys continue to make horrendous decisions regarding the team’s offensive line. On Tuesday, the Cowboys waived second-year center/guard Bill Nagy, who missed Dallas’ first preseason game, a 3-0 win over the Oakland Raiders, with a high ankle sprain. A 2011 seventh-round draft pick, Nagy was arguably the best offensive lineman on the Cowboys’ roster last season, so this move makes absolutely no sense. Nagy was the only seventh-round pick starting in Week 1 and was drawing rave reviews before a broken ankle ended his rookie season.

The fact Phil Costa is still no the roster and Nagy is not is beyond senseless. Costa is arguably the worst offensive lineman on the team, yet he’ll likely start at center again this year, even after he allowed Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to suffer a broken rib and a punctured lung in 2011.

The Cowboys are trying to sign a tight end to fill Nagy’s roster spot following a spleen injury to starter Jason Witten, who suffered from some internal bleeding after a hit from Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain. Witten will miss the remainder of the preseason, but it’s just that – the preseason. Dallas got rid of arguably its best offensive lineman to sign a fifth-string tight end that won’t be on the roster in two weeks. What sense does that make?

You can bet your bottom dollar on this: Nagy won’t go floating around in the free agent pool. Whichever team claims him off waivers will reap the rewards because he’ll be starting by Week 3 and he’ll be that team’s anchor on the offensive line by midseason. Don’t believe it? Take that bet, but make sure you can cover it when you lose.

Dallas did nothing to improve its pathetic offensive line this off-season and now things are even worse. Don’t be surprised if second-year center Kevin Kowalski, who should be starting, is also cut and the Cowboys move guard Mackenzy Bernadeau to backup center behind Costa. If the decision to waive Nagy is any indication, get ready for another disappointing season, Cowboys fans.

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    • Elmo Moreno

      STUPID, as usual

      • dee

        First of all navy was one of the worse olinemen on the Dallas cowboys last year. Obviously you don’t watch us play. He should have started last year. Every game he played he got destroyed. Don’t get me wrong I would have love to keep him and develop him but he was worse than Phil Costa. Bill navy was a 7th round draft who has no lower or upper body strength right to hold his own. The guy who wrote this article is an complete idiot. Navy wasn’t even competing to start. He was an automatic backup this year who got hurt and guys like Ron Leary and David Arkin have shown more potiential than him. You talk like he was the second coming of Larry Allen when he was actually fighting to make the team. Know your stuff before you go out and misinformed article like this.

  • Hawk


  • Saul Good

    Nagy is going to PUP and may actually miss the season…he cant stay healthy

  • Jasonj

    Way to state the obvious about Nagy, genius! However, his injury is way more than a high ankle sprain. It will likely require surgery and he wouldn’t even see the field until at least mid-season. One way or another, he will end up back with Cowboys. That is something to put your money on!

    • Roby

      Well, the Lions just picked him up, so you can say goodbye to your future center. Your loss is Detroit’s gain.

  • How

    Don’t know about the move, but I’ll take the Nagy bet, considering he just had season ending surgery. We just can’t seem to catch a break.

  • The Detroit Lions

    Dear Jerry,

    Thanks for another steal. How’s Roy Williams working out?


    The Lions

  • BlizzardSix

    Are you kidding? Nagy was our best lineman last year??? He graded out as far below average as a guard, and Montrae Holland was far better replacing him.

    Plus Tyron Smith was our best lineman last year. Did you even watch the games?

    It sucks to lose Nagy but that’s what you gamble with when you waive a guy. He wasn’t our best lineman by a long shot and was probably going to be a backup this year.

    Please explain how he was better than Smith or even Doug Free.

    Nagy is not going to play a down this year, he’s out for the season with his injury. The Lions may get some use out of him later on, but you’re acting like we released Logan Mankins or something.

  • LOL

    You are arguably the dumbest fan on the planet.

  • Gary J. Edgerton

    Jeric, stick to the NCAA and High School football, unless you know as little about that as you do about the NFL. Nagy’s injury is very serious and will require both surgery and a lengthy rehab. He won’t be playing this season for anybody. Hey, at least you don’t let facts get in the way of your journalism………..