Las Vegas Money Starts To Show For Kansas City Chiefs

By DanFlaherty

If you’re a fan, a close observer, or a football handicapper, the Kansas City Chiefs are the kind of team that can make you very nervous in August. The potential exists for the season to move dramatically in one direction or the other. Chiefs’ fans and observers have tended to the optimistic side in seeing the seven wins from last year as a building block, to which the returns of running back Jamaal Charles, safety Eric Berry and tight end Tony Moeaki are added.

The problem with the optimistic side is that it’s easy to be predisposed to just see one side of the coin. So if you’re a Kansas City Chiefs’ fans you can feel heartened that objective money in Las Vegas is also taking the optimistic view of the Chiefs’ season, as seen in the current odds posted to win the AFC West.

Kansas City is a 3-1 shot to win the division and their Over/Under number on wins is listed as eight. So right off the bat, if you want to collect on an “Over” bet, the Chiefs need to have a winning season. And in a division where all four teams can make a credible case as a contender, the linesmakers are pricing the Chiefs under the 4-1 mark that one would logically think of as a default.

What’s even more noteworthy is that in the spring, when the AFC West odds were originally posted, the Chiefs were 9-2, placing them outside the 4-1 baseline. Clearly, the closer the smart money looks at this team, the more they like what they see. It doesn’t mean Kansas City is going to have a good year. But it does mean that if you think they will, you’re not just drinking NFL August Kool-Aid.

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