New Orleans Saints vs Jacksonville Jaguars Preview

By Krissy Brierre

As the NFL approaches week 2 of preseason, the New Orleans Saints are setting their eyes on the Jacksonville Jaguars. While you may think that the Saints will run through the Jags with no problem, you are looking at two teams going through a lot of changes.

For a a preseason game this will be a good test for the Jags 2nd year quarterback, Blaine Gabbert. Even though the Saints are dealing with a ton of issues with their defense, they should still be able to slaughter Gabbert with no issue.

At any rate, you should always want to see how the Saints are handling playing on the field since they still have so many off-field issues. Right now, Drew Brees is the only constant the Saints have, so you can look for him to make a strong statement every time he hits the field.

For everyone that plays Fantasy Football, watching a game like this is only good to see who can fill your roster spots. It’s surely not for excitement, considering the Jags aren’t one of NFL’s most liked teams.

One thing you will want to look out for with the Saints in this game is how they handle their depth in the wide receiver position. Marques Colston and Lance Moore are the only two that are locked in for that job. It will be interesting to see how Brees spreads the wealth to his receivers during the preseason because everyone wants that starting spot.

The Saints defense will definitely want to keep an eye on Justin Blackmon, considering everyone is looking for him to breakout at any moment. With the replacement refs handling this game, I’m sure you can look for Blackmon to take advantage of that.

This game will definitely be interesting for the first half for the Saints. You’re going to see weekly changes with this team and while some may be warranted, others may be highly questionable. You can also look forward to a lot of Jonathan Vilma talk because that is the dark cloud hanging over the Superdome and it will be until that matter is resolved.

It’s preseason, guys. Find a way to make this game fun and enjoy what the Saints and Brees have to offer.

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