NFL Rumors: Former Washington Redskins QB Jason Campbell Not Bitter?

By Ricky Allen

Chicago Bears Backup QB Jason Campbell has a reason to be bitter with the Washington Redskins, but he’s not.

In the midst of the Donovan McNabb beef vs. the Philadelphia Eagles (and the rest of Philly for that matter), the Redskins saw an opportunity to bring in a veteran quarterback that could lead the team back to better days.  Head coach Mike Shanahan thought the same. With that thought, Campbell was pushed to the side…and out.

With a reign from 2005-2009, his era had came to an end, abruptly.

With Campbell out the way, the Redskins’ hopes were placed on the shoulders of Donovan McNabb.

We all know how this story ends.

So why, why isn’t Jason Campbell out for a small piece of revenge this weekend? He explains his lack of bitterness to ESPN’s Melissa Isaacson :

“The reason I don’t get bitter or anything is that I just trust in God and it wouldn’t do me any good to be bitter,” Campbell. “It would only affect me moving forward, in life and in my career. If you stay harping on the past too long, you won’t be able to move forward…


And he did move forward, having a pretty decent tour with the Oakland Raiders. In his defense, he could have thrown close to 4,000 yards if he hadn’t got injured last season. In 2010 he threw for 2,387 yards, with 1,170 last season. Realy his highlight was the game against the Denver Broncos. They beat Denver 23-20 in their house, and that’s all the Raider Nation wanted.

They despise Denver like the Redskins despise the Dallas Cowboys.

So, to go into this game Saturday with no bitterness huh? Maybe Jason Campbell has moved on. It has been two years. Then again, he did have two years on the West Coast to watch the fiasco playing out with Donovan and the Redskins.  Maybe he looked at it as their loss. Maybe he didn’t care at all.  Maybe, just maybe the search for a stable offensive strategy a.k.a. his unicorn is more important to him than vengeance.  We’ll see on Saturday at 5 p.m.


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