Two areas the Chicago Bears defence must improve against the Washington Redskins

Last Thursday in their first preseason game of the year, the Chicago Bears put in a disjointed and lacklustre performance against the Denver Broncos.

Not that it is a huge deal, preseason means nothing, I spend most of my time worrying we will lose a key player, than paying attention to the score line, however, there are two areas that on defence, aggravated the hell out of me, and must be improved come this Saturday versus the Washington Redskins.


There was some horrific effort in a lot of tackles put in by the Bears defence last Thursday, more missed tackles than i care to mention, its almost as if half these guys don’t care if they get cut.

News out of camp this week is that some days have gotten really chippy between the offense and the defence, Tim Jennings was even pulled up on one of the hits he put in on Dane Sanzenbacher by HC Lovie Smith, as a result, I really don’t expect to see the same type of crappy effort put in this week by the Bears defence.

Defensive Line play

This one is pretty simple, the line, especially from the tackle position, absolutely has to show they can get a decent push and pressure the Quarterback.

On numerous occasions the Broncos QBs especially Peyton Manning, had all the time in the world to stand in the pocket and pick out their wide receivers.

When the Bears did begin to be successful on the edges, the middle of the line failed to get the push required to plug the gaps up on the line, opening numerous running lanes, or escape routes for scrabbling Broncos QBs.

This statement is pretty obvious but needs stating never the less, the Tampa 2 defence will not work effectively without a good push from the tackle position.

There were flashes of good things, and reports out of camp are that Israel Idonije DE has been moved inside to tackle for a lot of the first team reps this week, with Shea McClellin taking the reps at DE opposite Julius Peppers.

Whatever happens the inside of this line, most notably Henry Melton DT, need to show a marked improvement against the Redskins.


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