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Two areas the Chicago Bears offense must improve against the Washington Redskins

Last Thursday in their first preseason game of the year, the Chicago Bears put in a disjointed and lacklustre performance against the Denver Broncos.

Having already published my two areas that the defence must improve (click here), my attention now shifts to the offense, and the two areas I really feel, regardless of it being preseason, were unacceptably poor against the Broncos, and must be improved upon come this Saturday versus the Washington Redskins.

Offensive Line

Just when you think they have hit rock bottom, they find new lows to bring for your viewing pleasure.

JaMarcus “still in his stance” Webb needs to shut his pie hole, and his idiotic verbal posturing on twitter to #jwebbnation, and prove he has the goods to at the very least be a mediocre NFL Left Tackle. Otherwise the “other guy” as OC Mike Tice called him this week, may not be on this roster much longer.

What is even more staggering is that former 2008 first round draft pick Chris Williams OT, is failing to propel himself ahead of JaMarcus Webb for the second season running.

Williams had a solid game against the Broncos, and hopefully shows he can hold the position down over the next few weeks, because frankly I am done with Webb and all his supposed talent, that we as Bears fans never see.

Not to single just Webb out, this line as a whole, pretty much exclusively sucked last week, Chris Spencer OG had a real stinker, and Roberto Garza C, snapped more than one ball low, and also missed a couple of blocks himself.

All we hear about this unit is that they are great at running blocking, but they were worse in this part of the game against the Broncos, than they were in pass protection.

The bottom line is this, in order for Bears fans, coaches, and Jay Cutler QB to actually get some sleep this week, this unit needs to step up and show it can play to even an average level.

Wide Receivers continue to show progress

This really was not an area of annoyance for me, it is merely an area I want to see the Bears improve upon every single week leading up to the regular season game versus the Indianapolis Colts on September 9th.

Considering Cutler and Matt Forte were not playing, and Brandon Marshall took very few snaps, the young Bears WRs gave an okay account of themselves.

Hype is high in Chicago this season, Alshon Jeffery will hopefully continue to improve and Dane Sanzenbacher gave a solid account of himself, in his search for a place on the 53 man roster.

I really want to see an improved effort on blocking in the run game, I felt on more than one occasion there were some half hearted efforts put in.

The same is true of the running backs, there were more than a couple of questionable blocks put in on blitz protection, one particularly ugly instance of this that springs to mind was Kahlil Bell getting blown up in the second quarter on his blitz pick up.

Look I know it is preseason and I agree it means nothing, but I feel if the Bears can show improvement in these two areas this weekend, then we will all sleep a little easier next week, and it will bode well for the coming season.


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