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Are the Chicago Bears Medically Incompetent?

Last season, Chicago Bears first-round draft pick Gabe Carimi injured his right knee in a horrific looking play against the New Orleans Saints. At the time, the Bears suggested he would be back in four-to-six weeks and not require surgery. Carimi eventually had surgery and missed the remainder of the season with Carimi still not 100 percent. We all know what happened to Brian Urlacher in the last game of the season against the Minnesota Vikings. At the time, it looked severe. But the Bears said that Urlacher’s left knee wouldn’t need surgery and he’d be ready to go by training camp. On Tuesday, Urlacher had an arthroscopic procedure done on his left knee.

What this tells me is that the Bears need to reevaluate how they do things medically. While I respect the idea of using surgery as a last resort, Carimi and Urlacher are WAY too important to this football team to not have a better medical plan in place. Here is another angle for you; Adrian Peterson of the Vikings had total reconstructive surgery December 31st, one day before Urlacher injured his knee. He has been cleared to play football. A guy with a totally new knee is ready to play but Urlacher isn’t and Carimi still aren’t 100 percent?

Other Bears injuries haven’t been handled right either. After injuring a leg, defensive tackle Tommie Harris was never close to being the same player. Curtis Enis also had knee surgery and became a total bust. Other teams get results after surgery, why not the Bears? Even Jay Cutler chose a doctor not affiliated with the Bears to perform his thumb operation. There’s way too much at stake for the Bears not to have the best medical team in place.

There’s still almost three weeks until the first game of the season. But without Urlacher, the Bears will be taxing an already brutal secondary. If the Bears have any hopes of winning this season, either Urlacher needs to be healthy or the Bears need to reinvent Ronnie Lott. Let’s not also forget that big things are expected of Carimi and it’s not like he is the final piece to an outstanding offensive line. He needs to step back in and perform. Not too much pressure for a second year player with a bad knee.

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