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CB Josh Robinson to Make Preseason Debut for Minnesota Vikings Friday

As the Minnesota Vikings near their second preseason game, pieces of the team are starting to fall into place.

Everyone knows about the secondary struggles from a season ago, and one of the solutions to those struggles will make his debut the Friday, Josh Robinson. The rookie cornerback from UCF will get his first taste of live NFL action against the Buffalo Bills. Robinson has been nursing a hamstring injury all through training camp, but has been deemed ready to compete.

If you notice a No. 21 running all over the field Friday, that’s him.

“The burst he has separates him from all the other players that we have in the secondary,” head coach Leslie Frazier said. “He can close and go from point A to point B as fast as anybody we have or that I’ve seen. A lot of guys can run fast straight ahead but it doesn’t show up when you put pads on. But in his case, it shows up.”

Running a legit 4.3/40, if Robinson is not the fastest guy on the team, he’s definitely in the conversation. Look for him to get in the game early in nickel situations, and of course later in the second and maybe third quarters…

The Vikings are high on Robinson, primarily because of his speed, but he’s also said to have the attitude of a winner, and is determined to be a No. 1 corner in the NFL. He came out of school a year early, and some have him pegged as a potential draft day steal out of the third round.

To say Minnesota needs an elite cornerback, would certainly be putting it lightly. I’m excited to see what he looks like Friday, and hope he lives up to they hype.

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