Green Bay Packers Look to Fix Mistakes From First Preseason Game

The Green Bay Packers struggled in their first preseason game against the San Diego Chargers. On offense they looked sluggish and there was no rhythm. Of course this goes without saying, but it is just a preseason game and it was the first one so there is expected to be some rust. However, the Packers need to start working on their ball security during their next preseason game.

Green Bay had four turnovers against the Chargers, three of which were due to lost fumbles. The Packers have even dedicated two drills in training camps this season for ball security, but as of now it seems to still be a problem. It was during their playoff loss last season where the Packers had three lost fumbles and should of had a fourth one if it wasn’t for a blown call by an official.

In the NFL, whichever team wins the turnover battle, is usually the team that wins the game. While Aaron Rodgers did his part last year of not turning the ball over, there was still some struggles on the team of holding onto the ball. Overall, the Packers are pretty good at minimizing their turnovers and having costly mistakes, but those turnovers are what cost them a shot at a repeat championship.

Watching the first preseason game was simply a reminder of how the season ended last year. Granted it was just preseason and there were plenty of backups in the game. However, there was a lot of focus put on ball security and it doesn’t seem to be paying off right now.

Besides for turnovers, the Packers first team offense will be looking to get into mid-season form. During the first preseason game, the Packers first team managed just 53 yards in three series, while Rodgers was constantly pressured. Marshall Newhouse will be returning at left tackle for this game which will put all five starting offensive lineman on the field at the same time for the first time this season. While Newhouse has plenty of progress still to be made, he should be a significant improvement from what the team saw against the Chargers. Going up against a weak Browns defense should provide plenty of good opportunities for the Packers’ first team offense to get in a groove.

The good news for the Packers is that in the small sample that we have seen this season, there isn’t too much to complain about. The offense should be able to play just like they did last season. The offensive line is still something to look out for, but it shouldn’t be too much of a concern right now.

The main focus right now needs to be on fixing the ball security. The Packers have a team that can beat anyone in the NFL if they don’t beat themselves by having unnecessary turnovers.


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