Kansas City Chiefs Governor's Cup Showdown 2012 Discussion

By Beta311

Coming into the second week of the preseason, Kansas City Chiefs fans are feeling pretty good about the direction of this team.  In week one, the first couple of drives looked absolutely solid and the defense played real well.  With week one in the books, it’s time to focus on week two and St. Louis Rams.  After getting throttled by the Indianapolis Colts, the Rams are looking to hopefully fare a little bit better against the Chiefs.

My thoughts?  That ain’t gonna happen, boys and girls.  Now, I’m not really talking about the end result, score-wise, because obviously a preseason game pits scrubs on scrubs, as well.  But, I’m looking for the Chiefs starting offense to be dominant against a Rams team that is rebuilding their program from the ground level.  Even though I haven’t been high on Matt Cassel (that could start changing with this new Brian Daboll offense), I like him better against the Rams defense than I do Sam Bradford against the Chiefs defense.  The Chiefs have, in my opinion, one of the best defenses in the entire league.   With a building Rams team, this is another good week, in my opinion, to not focus so much on winning (even though I still want to win), but to keep evaluating what you have.  Let the starting offense come out and do its damage like I think they will, then give Ricky Stanzi and company some game time together.

St. Louis is a 1 point favorite as of Wednesday night.  I’m not reading anything into that.  If we’re just looking at the starters, which is all I really want to do, a superior Chiefs squad should be able to hang something like 10 to 14 points on the Rams early on.  Then, when we look at the bigger picture, there are 2 things I want to see achieved by the end of the preseason.  First, we’ve got to keep the starters healthy.  As badly as I want to win the Rams game, I do not want to see a repeat of what happened last year.  There are already question marks surrounding cornerback Brandon Flowers, so cutting down on those injuries becomes just as critical.  Secondly, I think I speak for a lot of Chiefs fans when I say I really want Dwayne Bowe back.  Have we been getting on fine without him?  So far, yeah, but you don’t want to have to do without him.  As long as we can do those couple of things and get Bowe in here sooner than later, I would say the Chiefs are still in a good shape to make a deep playoff run.

My question for the readers: what team do you all think will finish with the worst record in the entire NFL?

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