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Minnesota Vikings’ Coach Mike Priefer Comments on Usain Bolt Playing in NFL

Ever since Manchester United and Usain Bolt were mentioned in the same sentence, sports fans across the world have speculated whether the sprinter could double as a two-sport athlete.

Well Minnesota Vikings special teams coach Mike Priefer has thrown his opinion into the conversation. Here’s his comment when asked if Bolt could be used as a return specialist in the NFL, something Priefer knows a thing or two about:

“I’m not going to say he can’t because he’s big, he’s strong and he can run. But those of you who remember Renaldo Nehemiah, I think we’ve already had this experiment and it didn’t work out so well then. But I don’t want to say that he can’t do it because he’s a heck of a lot faster than anybody else in the world.”

Clearly Priefer is taking somewhat of a high road here, he’s not saying no, but he’s not exactly saying yes. He played it safe and basically said the guy is as physically gifted as anyone, but it’s unlikely he’d be successful in the league.

My question, can we stop all of this?

Usain Bolt is not going to play in the NFL. Would I like to see him on a kickoff return? Of course, but it’s not going to happen. He’s a sprinter, not a football player.

Now I while I don’t dislike Usain Bolt, I would love to see him get lit up on a return. Oh he can run, but he can’t can hide. Can you imagine the special teams players licking their chops just at the thought of lighting up the gold medalist?

Other than that, I have no interest in this “story” going forward.

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