My Thoughts on Kansas City Chiefs, Remainder of AFC West Through Preseason Week One

By Beta311

I think I speak for a lot of football fans when I say that it’s great to finally have football back.  The offseason, at least for me, seems entirely too long.  Even though preseason week one is the second most meaningless week in football (right behind preseason week four), I still took a few things away from the four games played by the teams in the AFC West.

First, let’s start with the Denver Broncos.  Quarterback Peyton Manning completed 4 out of 7 passes for 44 yards with 1 pick, so it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing right out of the gate (even though that interception wasn’t Manning’s fault).  Though, if I’m a Broncos fan, I don’t worry about it up to this point.  There’s still something like 3 weeks before the regular season opener.  I think I would just be glad that Manning didn’t take any unnecessary hits during that game.  Continue to play Manning through the third preseason game, let him keep working out the rust, and I think all will be alright.

I don’t know that I can say the same thing for the San Diego Chargers, though.  Yes, they won the game.  Yeah, when it comes time for the regular season, that’s all that matters.  I get all of that.  But the Chargers can’t seem to get out of their own way, sometimes, mistake-wise.  More specifically, turnovers were a huge factor during the opening quarter.  Luckily for San Diego, the Green Bay Packers made just as many mistakes, and there was a time during the game I thought, “man, this is some of the sloppiest football I’ve seen in a long time.”  I know it’s only the first preseason game, but much of the emphasis of blame on why the Chargers weren’t taking that next step focused a lot on minimizing the quantity of mistakes.  The ship has time to right itself, but if it doesn’t, it could be another long season for San Diego.

Next up is the Oakland Raiders.  That was one of the most boring Monday Night Football games I’ve ever seen (and I’ve watched some bad ones).  Also, I don’t think anybody came out of that game feeling good about themselves.  The Dallas Cowboys were disappointed they could only put up 3 on the Raiders, and the Raiders, despite their attempt at a new direction, continued to be the Raiders.  Neither team impressed me that much and I think it’s pretty safe to say (at least, as safe as it’ll ever be) that Oakland will be bringing up the rear in the AFC West.

I saved the best for last.  The Kansas City Chiefs were easily the most impressive team out of the four in the opening week.  Quarterback Matt Cassel and company were firing on all cylinders last Friday night, putting together 2 drives at 72 yards apiece for 2 consecutive touchdowns.  Now, critics are going to say “well, yeah, but they played the Arizona Cardinals and they suck.”  That critic would have a point, but Brian Daboll‘s offense was definitely a lot smoother than the offenses I have seen out of Kansas City in recent history.  The Chiefs running game was electric.  Peyton Hillis looked tremendous on both scoring drives and Jamaal Charles, after taking a shot to the knee in question, bounced back up and continued on.  The starting defense remains stout, and if Cassel stays healthy (which, isn’t a given, considering his history), I think Kansas City is in for a treat.

Is it too early to start making travel plans to New Orleans?   Of course it is.  The preseason is just that: a tune-up for the regular season.  But if this preseason period is any indicator of what’s to come, I would say together is, indeed, powerful… the most powerful.

Also, I want to ask the readers out there: what’s the worst Monday Night Football game you’ve ever seen?  Why was it the worst?

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