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NFL Indianapolis Colts

Reggie Wayne Will Line Up In Different Positions This Season for the Colts

Reggie Wayne played one role and one role only for the Indianapolis Colts for the past decade in the Peyton Manning era. With Bruce Arians in as the new offensive coordinator and Andrew Luck now leading the way for the offense at quarterback, Wayne will be seeing many new roles now in the Colts’ new offense, according to Mike Chappell of Indianapolis Star.

Wayne, who usually lines up on the left as the team’s main receiver, will be in the different positions and all over the offense. Wayne will also line up at the slot sometimes, something he hasn’t done since very early in his career.

“Unfortunately it comes in year 12, but it’s all good,” Wayne said Wednesday of his new role. “I’m excited about it. I have a little bit more freedom to do some things.”

Playing in one spot for his whole career has helped Wayne, as he approaches in the Top 20 and 15 for all-time catches, yards and touchdowns. But now he has the ability learn new skills and help him grow even more as a Pro Bowl receiver.

“(Arians) is showing me some new things,” Wayne said. “(He) didn’t sell me on it at first. I guess that’s because I’ve been a certain way for 11 years. It’s starting to grow on me. I’m starting to like it.”