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Tim Tebow Picture With a Baby Going Hysterical; I Guess Not Everyone Likes Tebow

When the Denver Broncos decided they had had enough of Tim Tebow, despite him winning seven of eight games when he came in as the starter, leading them to the playoffs and a playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, two potential trade partners came to the head of the rumors. The Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Jets showed interest in the former Florida Gator, one of the most polarizing figures we’ve seen in NFL history.

After being replaced by Peyton Manning, Tebow was traded to the Jets. It was curious considering he is from Jacksonville and would have a chance to start there, but he apparently told the Jaguars he did not want to play for them.

Tebow has captivated the NFL with his late game heroics, leading six game winning drives last year. He is also the subject of much debate. On one side you have the people who say he should switch positions; he is a great leader but not a good quarterback. The other will tell you that he is just a flat out winner and should get to play quarterback if he wants to.

Both sides tend to agree on one thing, though, and that is Tebow is a very likeable person and a good man. Well, this baby pictured above doesn’t seem to like Tebow very much.

In what is one of the funniest pictures I’ve ever seen, this baby’s parents must have wanted something to hang up in their house, and what followed was that embarrassing piece of work. That said, the parents must have a sense of humor to let the picture make its way to the internet. Hopefully this kid can laugh about it later in life. I know I would.


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