Tim Tebow Trying to get Former Teammate to the New York Jets

File this one under, “I can’t believe this doesn’t happen a lot more”.  It’s being reported by Profootballtalk that New York Jets Quarterback/H-Back/Gunner/Hot Dog Vendor Tim Tebow is putting in work to try and get former Florida Gator teammate Jeff Demps to sign with the Jets.

The Jets are interested in signing the current Olympic silver medal winner, mainly because he was a very good football player while at the University of Florida, but almost more importantly because he’s got blistering speed.  And as we all know in this NFL, speed kills.

Demps passed on any rookie free agent contracts after the 2012 NFL Draft because he wanted to focus on being at his best for the US Olympic 4×100 meter relay team.  The Olympics are over and done now, and Demps has made it known that he’s ready to make his move to the NFL.

It was a great thing Demps did to hold out so he could represent his country in the Olympics.  And now granted time is short for him to acclimate himself to the pro game for opening weekend, a player like Demps strength is his ability to run.  And run really fast.  So getting himself in place to impact an NFL team is minimal.  And God knows the kid is in playing shape.

The move of the Jets to both sign Demps is wise, but using Demps’ former teammate and friend Tebow to help is genius.  Since Tebow signed with the Jets it’s been one thing after another to bring attention to Tebow and the Jets(in that order), but this is just a smart football move.  Demps could help the Jets immediately and this is a player with an instant rapport with the backup quarterback, allowing more options from a schematic point of view.

Do I think it’ll work?  I’d say right now the odds are better than 50/50 that Demps will end up a Jet.  Teams are going to be lining up to being in the former Florida speedster, and he’s going to have his pick of teams so Demps need to find a team that fits what he does well and where he’s going to be able to make a dent on the depth chart right away.  That definitely sounds like the Jets to me.

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