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Would the Minnesota Vikings cut Jared Allen?

With the return of All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings have made it clear that he is not to be touched during drills.

In hopes of keeping their most-valuable asset safe, the Vikings coaching staff has threatened to cut any player that touches Peterson. But just how far are they willing to go to prove their point?

What if another All-Pro and the Vikings’ most talented defensive player, defensive end Jared Allen, decided to test their threats? Considering the type of comedic, charismatic player that Allen has proven himself to be over the past few seasons, I wouldn’t put it past him to push their buttons. If he was to wrap Peterson up one day at practice, would the Vikings have the guts to send their record-breaking defensive end packing?

“Now we have to adhere to it,” Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier said when asked about the punishment for touching No. 28.

Although the Vikings might not refrain from cutting someone like undrafted rookies Tydreke Powell or Tyler Nielsen to set an example, I find it hard to believe that the thought of cutting Allen would even cross their minds.

The Vikings are putting their priorities in order, and making them clear to the entire team. With Peterson back on the field, it will be concern numero uno to keep him health and avoid re-aggravating what seemed like a potentially career-ending injury. How far they’ll go to do that is still to be seen, though.

Contact with Peterson is expected by next week; let’s hope it’s allowed before someone valuable loses their chance at making the team. Don’t expect the Vikings to sever ties with Allen anytime soon, though.

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