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Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo Too Fiery With Teammates

The over analysis of the Dallas Cowboys has now come full circle. Actually, make that the over analysis of Tony Romo has come full circle. The quarterback who has been criticized for not being enough of a leader is now being criticized for being too much of one. From his own coach.

Jason Garrett had this to say about Romo, who has been frustrated the last few days with the way the offense had practiced, “Cool and poised under pressure is good leadership,” Garrett said. “That’s when you make your best decisions instead of being irate, jumping up and down. Are you really going to make your best decision? Can you really execute the play well the next time when you’re playing a position like quarterback?


I really like Jason Garrett as the head coach of the Cowboys but I’m having a hard time making any sense of this. First, he needed to be more of a leader, or he was too relaxed; that Romo, or anyone on the Cowboys, didn’t hold anyone accountable for their mistakes. All I’ve heard was that the Cowboys needed a leader and here’s a guy who is trying emphasize to his team that they get it right (practice). After all, if you can’t get it right in practice, where will you get it right? Its not like in grade school where they allow do-overs.

Isn’t this what Garrett has been preaching since he’s been the head coach, “the process of going about your business in the right way.” And here is his team leader, Tony Romo, stepping up and holding teammates accountable for their mistakes in order to get it right. Am I missing something?

The point Garrett is making is well taken; Romo doesn’t have to over emphasize his displeasure with the way things are going in practice or a game. He has been known to make a bad decision or two at the wrong time but I take serious issue with Garrett calling out his quarterback like this.

Would it not be better to sit Romo down in private and say something like, “Hey Tony you’re doing a great job out there. I know how bad you want to win but just try not to get so animated over everything that goes wrong. Let’s try to stay a little more positive.” I think those words in private would have a more positive effect.

Tony Romo is being a leader, he’s trying to make sure everyone knows how important it is to get everything done right. It seems to me there is no issue when Tom Brady or Peyton Manning rips into a teammate for not getting it right, but somehow as always with Romo, it becomes an issue.

Maybe Jason Hatcher was wrong, the Cowboys need less leaders since they don’t like to be corrected.