Kansas City Chiefs' WR Dwayne Bowe Predictably Chooses Now To End Holdout

By DanFlaherty

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe has ended his holdout as of Friday and signed the one-year deal at $9.5 million that he was “stuck” with, after having the franchise player tag slapped him on general manager Scott Pioli in the offseason.

It’s been speculated that the strong showing of the Chiefs’ offense in general and second-year wideout Jon Baldwin in particular were motivating factors behind Bowe’s return. While I can’t guess what’s in Bowe’s mind, I think it’s far more likely that this is just about the time he was going to come in. Because of the franchise tag he couldn’t get more money and because of where he’s at in his career, sitting out into the regular season wasn’t an option if he wanted a bigger payday down the road.

Furthermore, Bowe has managed to avoid the first three weeks of training camp and since NFL rules prohibit players from putting on pads until they have three days of workouts under their belt, he can’t play Saturday night against the St. Louis Rams and likely won’t play next Friday night against the Seattle Seahawks. In essence, Bowe has hotwired things so that he’ll miss most of camp and get one preseason game to play himself into shape. In other words, what every NFL veteran dreams of doing.

The question now is whether Bowe is going to be pouty or whether he’s going to be motivated, even if the motivation is anger at the front office. My guess here would be on the latter. The odds that Bowe will be a Kansas City Chief in 2013 are not great, but the odds that he’ll be an effective one in 2012 are still very strong. And with a veteran head coach on his last chance to prove himself and a fan base hungry to return to prominence, 2012 is all that matters right now.

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