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New York Giants host family of Aurora shooting victim

Sadly, nothing will ever take away the pain that Teves family has had to endure, but for just a little while, the New York Giants tried.

Tom and Caren Teves, lifelong Giants fans, lost their son in the Aurora theater shooting just weeks ago. Tommy and Nick Teves lost their older brother.

Twenty-four-year-old Alex, one of 12 victims killed in the tragedy, died a hero. As the gunman entered the theater, he took aim at Alex and his girlfriend, but Alex jumped in front of her, shielding her and saving her life while heroically losing his own.

Years ago, the Teves family lived in New Jersey . Despite moving across the country, they’ve been fans of the reigning Super Bowl Champions ever since.

Giants’ team chaplain Reverand William Dowd, who presided over a memorial service held for Alex in New Jersey days before, invited Teves’ parents and siblings to attend the Giants’ practice this week. Owner John Mara gave the family tickets to this weekend’s preseason game against the New York Jets.

Alex’s younger bothers each got to meet their football idols, Eli Manning and Victor Cruz, and the family got to hang out at practice with the coaches and players who all gathered to offer the family their condolences and words of encouragement.

We all know that football truly is just a game, especially in light of the tragedy that will forever scar the Teves family. It will never assuage the pain that the family will forever carry, but for just a small moment, maybe it helped them feel a bit of joy in a time of immense sadness.

Mr. Reves said it best when he said, “Life will never be the same for us because Alex isn’t coming back. But we won’t forget what the Giants did here. They gave us a good day when we needed one.”

Well done, Giants. Well done.


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