New York Giants vs New York Jets Has A History of Big Injuries

By jason evans

Whenever the New York Giants and the New York Jets get together it always gets the fan bases for each team pumped up. Its always interesting to see the two New York teams play each other because they only play each other during the regular season once every four years. Another thing this game is famous for is big injuries to big time players.

Jason Sehorn: Remember him? There was a point when Sehorn was among some of the top corners in the NFL. Head coach Jim Fassel decided it was a good idea to put Sehorn on kick returns. Guess what happened? Sehorn returned a kick against the Jets in a preseason game. He tore his ACL and MCL and was never the same player.

Chad Pennington: The former quarterback is now a broadcaster (who may return to NFL next year but that’s a different issue). Pennington in 2002 helped lead the Jets to AFC East title and into the divisional round of the playoffs. The 2003 Jets had lofty expectations. In the preseason game against the Giants, Brandon Short put a hit on Pennington that led to a fracture in his non throwing hand and caused him to miss the first six games. The Jets went on to finish 6-10.

Osi Umenyiora: Osi had already proven himself as one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. Going into 2008, he was coming off of a 13 sack 2007 season. Then the preseason game with the Jets happened. Umenyiora tore his lateral meniscus and had season ending surgery.

I’m not saying either team is going to have a big injury in the game tomorrow and I certainly hope that doesn’t happen. You never want to see someone get hurt. However, these two teams have a history of big injuries and big debuts (Victor Cruz). Just something to keep an eye on for tomorrow night.


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