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NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo Won’t Play Many Snaps Against San Diego

Due to the lingering injury concerns for the Dallas Cowboys and the instability on their offensive line, Jerry Jones said he only expects Tony Romo to play 10-12 snaps against the San Diego Chargers on Saturday night. Of course we are hearing this from Jerry Jones, and not, you know, the head coach Jason Garrett but hat story has been played out.

I understand the caution the Cowboys will probably exercise with Romo for the rest of the pre-season but excuse me if I dare say this makes zero sense. Has anyone forgotten how bad the Cowboys first team offense was against the Oakland Raiders on Monday night? The object of these games is to get better and more cohesive as a unit;  how will the Cowboys get better by giving Romo basically the same amount of snaps that he got against the Raiders?

Yes I know the Cowboys offensive line isn’t the picture of what they hoped it would be, but if these are the conditions that Romo will work with all year then let’s see how they can improve. They are supposed to be preparing for the regular season, not just seeing what guys who play in the third and fourth quarters can do against other teams backups.

And how are we supposed to know which receiver is progressing the most if they don’t get an opportunity to play with the best quarterback on the Cowboys? You can throw all the practice and 7 on 7 drills they’ve done in training camp out the window, they need to find out who can play in game situations, with the guy who will be throwing them the ball when the season starts. In case the Cowboys haven’t noticed, the NFL is a passing league and three receiver sets are common so Dallas needs to know who works best with Romo. I can’t see that happening unless they play together.

The time for Romo to work with the young receivers is now, especially with Jason Witten out. Unfortunately this presents a great opportunity for the Romo to get extra reps in with the inexperienced receivers in game action.

This is the NFL and you can’t play scared; you can get hurt at any time. I have no problem with the Cowboys trying to protect Tony Romo, but do it with an extra blocker or conservative play calls, not with limited playing time. The Cowboys need these games in order to build a team that improves as they go. This just keeps them in a holding pattern.

Pardon me if I want to finally take off.