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Breaking Down the Pittsburgh Steelers 2012 Schedule

Let’s take a look at the 2012 NFL Schedule for the Pittsburgh Steelers in terms of wins and losses.

Week 1-@Denver  I am a little feaful of this game.  Week 1, injury questions and playing Peyton Manning on the road.  I think this one will be close but I give it to the Steelers with a WIN

Week 2-Jets  I am so tired of hearing about the New York Jets when they really aren’t that good.  Steelers come in and cruise to a WIN

Week 3-@Raiders  Another team that is just vacant talent-wise at too many spots to compete with what should be a healing and improved Steelers team.  WIN

Week 5-Eagles  They’ve been riding this wave, but after traveling across country and coming back to face an in state rival I expect a slip up here.  LOSS

Week 6-@Titans  Nothing helps get the bad taste of a loss out of your mouth like a game like this.  Steelers take out the loss here with a big WIN

Week 7-@Bengals  Traveling to Cincinnati worries me.  This is going to be a split division series I think so here I give the Steelers a LOSS

Week 8-Redskins  Robert Griffin III comes to town and gets a rude welcome from the Steel Curtain defense.  WIN

Week 9-@Giants Oof.  This game has game of the year written all over it and I’m sure there will be a lot on the line here, and the Steelers trip up.  LOSS

Week 10-Chiefs  Prime time game in Pittsburgh and that’s when they shine under the bright lights.  WIN

Week 11-Ravens Back to back weeks and back to back prime time games but this time the Steelers end up on the wrong side.  LOSS

Week 12-@Browns  The healing of the loss comes in the form of a road game in Cleveland.  Steelers reving up for the playoffs with a WIN

Week 13-@Ravnes  And the payback tour starts with a trip to Baltimore and a huge divisional WIN

Week 14-Chargers  The Steelers ride the wave of last weeks win with a beat down of an overrated Chargers squad.  WIN

Week15-@cowboys  I realize the Cowboys are known for their late season folds, but I’m not so sure this year.  After the emotional win the week before, the Steelers leave Big D with a big LOSS.

Week 16-Bengals  2 division games to finish the season and lots riding on them.  The Steelers rally for the WIN

Week 17-@Browns Steelers round out the year looking for that 11th win and likely an AFC North Title.  Luckily they get a bye to finish the season.  WIN

So by my count that puts the Steelers with an 11-5 record and right at the top of the AFC.  With their injury problems this will be a challenge, but I’m putting this team on the back of Ben Roethlisberger to carry them into the playoffs.