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NFL Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Game Recap (Carolina Panthers)

Preseason game #2 is in the books. From the standpoint of the Miami Dolphins, it was (another) poor performance. This one was vs the Carolina Panthers.

The Good

Third drive of the game was a 15 play drive, culminating in a TD. Ryan Tannehill was very good on this drive. The ‘Phins were 3 for 3 on 3rd down plays during the drive too. The ball was spread out, and Tannehill led an impressive/sustained drive.

Chris Hogan had 3 catches, and played well on special teams.

Reggie Bush saw very limited action, and his only good play was negated by penalty, but he did run between the tackles well for a second straight game (again, VERY little action for Bush so far, but what we have seen has been good)

Derrick Shelby continued his strong push to make the 53-man roster.

Miami went 7 for 16 on 3rd down (1 for 1 on 4th down), and held the Panthers to a mere 3 for 12 on 3rd down (truthfully they did not stop the starters on 3rd down, but as the game went on the defense got better vs the Carolina Panthers subs)

Nickelback Sean Smith created an INT as he was covering stud WR Steve Smith. The “refs” called a pass-interfearance penalty on Sean so the actual result of the play was a 39 yard gain for the Panthers, but the call was terrible so we are going to be excited that Sean made such a good play. (side note – “refs” is in quotes because these replacement refs have been brutal…GET A DEAL DONE NFL!!!)

Dan Carpenter hit a FG from 51 yards out (he went 0 for 2 last week from that distance)

The Bad

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle has a ton of work to do with this defense. The tackling by the defense continues to be bad. The ‘Phins struggle in this area has led directly to points yielded in both preseason games.

Vontae Davis continues his plummet. The onetime lock for starting CB had his lack of skill, and lack of maturity on display yet again.

Pass rush? Can we get a pass rush?

The offensive line continues to struggle. Zero running lanes. Decent-at-best pass protection, especially from the right side where rookie RT Jonathan Martin continues to struggle (especially against bull-rushes…Martin getting beat on a regular basis vs bull-rush)

Second straight week that the opponent has had no problem jumping over the top from the 1 yard line for a TD (zero resistance either time)

Despite his 6’4″ height Tannehill had numerous passes deflected at the line of scrimmage. His technique does have to improve.

Anthony Fasano dropped a wide open pass early on. That is a sure sign that your game is going to be bad.

The Ugly

The starters played vs the Panthers starters for the first quarter. Check these #’s…10-1 first downs (Panthers)…Rush yards 33-1 (Panthers)…Pass yards 119-21 (Panthers)…Time of possession 11 mins to 4 mins (Panthers)…Score 17-0 (Panthers)…Yikes

58 passes for the game (wow, massive amount of passes) yet just 275 yards.

The running backs have a total of just 60 yards COMBINED in the first 2 preseason games. Yikes, yikes, and more yikes.

Pat Devlin was the best QB vs the Panthers. Problematic as he is the one QB unlikely to see any regular season playing time. Tannehill struggled for the most part, and Matt Moore was a putrid 5 for 15 for 57 yards (Moore’s preseason #’s are ugly…12 for 27 for 136 yards, zero TD, 1 INT)

For some teams this is just preseason. For the Miami Dolphins the losing has been rampant for years and they need preseason to build momentum to head into the 2012 season riding high. So far, things have been ugly. Joe Philbin has work to do.

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